Can Predictive Marketing Framework™

Lower Your Marketing Risk?

Determining And Attaining 

Potential ROI With 

Agile Marketing


Predicting ROI:

Predictive Marketing Framework™ is a proprietary, data-centric approach to predicting ROI before a marketing engagement, then reverse engineering to milestones and ultimately to the goal. As an agency, we must determine a pathway to a minimum 300% net ROI first year before we enter into a marketing engagement. Benefits of this methodology include: 

  • lowering of marketing risk
  • a more agile marketing approach
  • consistent results

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KPI Milestones

For a twelve month engagement we typically map out milestones every two months with the KPI values needed to at each milestone interval to ultimately reach our goal for the year.

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Meeting Milestones / ROI Goal:

Stacking and throttling of campaigns is often required to meet KPI milestone requirements. We typically design a number of campaigns prior to accepting an engagement. By meeting milestones we stay on track to meet the annual goal.

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