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We deliver a minimum 300% net ROI for our clients.

Digital marketing with a heart

SQmedia is a global digital marketing and innovation agency. We are a Hubspot Certified Partner and a Triblio Certified Partner. As an aspiring B Corporation, we envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good. Christian principles guide our growth and success.

Industries we love

We cater to B2B technology companies; partnering with brilliant, innovative, socially conscious companies who have achieved $2M to $20M in revenue and have a minimum marketing budget of $100K.

How we do it

Our Digital Marketing Platform 

Gives Our Clients Unfair Advantage


Deeper Pockets

We've built a digital marketing platform that enables us to deliver 50% more per marketing dollar than traditional agencies. Your $100K marketing budget becomes $150K worth of actual marketing. That means more web and software development, more research and content creation, more video and podcast production and most importantly, more results for your bottom line. We bring big brand digital marketing down to small and medium sized businesses and at a fraction of the cost.



Talent Depth

Full digital transformation typically requires much more than an amazing website, great messaging and inbound enablement. For example, innovative web or mobile software development may be needed to drive initiatives. Talent-set requirements change per engagement and our platform gains us access to a world of diverse talent, a team of thousands literally. Only the most talented experts per element of an engagement. Brilliant. 



Risk Lowering ROI Prediction

Unless we can determine a roadmap to a minimum 300% net ROI year one, we will pass on an engagement. This approach has served us well and is part of our proprietary marketing methodology, Predictive Marketing Framework™, enabling us to predict minimum ROI attainable prior to an engagement, and then deliver like clockwork. Thus far we are batting 1000. Perhaps you will be our next home run.


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What we do

Our favorite tools

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing:

SQmedia is a Hubspot Certified Agency. All of the marketing we do is built on the foundation of inbound marketing methodologies.

Responsive design

Traditional Public Relations:

Regular press releases, powerful content pieces published in industry publications and speaking engagements at top industry events provides the thought leadership and awareness not possible through digital alone. Digital provides the ability to measure effectiveness.

Predictive Marketing

Predictive Marketing Framework™:

Predictive Marketing Framework™ is a proprietary, data-centric marketing methodology. It enables prediction of ROI pre-engagement, then enables delivery of reverse engineered milestones to ultimately reach the twelve-month goal. 

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Platform development

Account Based Marketing:

SQmedia is a Triblio Certified Partner. ABM is precision fire-power to build account awareness and then measure account engagement with individual prospect companies or customer accounts as markets of one. It is a ‘lethal’ marketing weapon and an SQ core competency.

Thought leadership

Thought Leadership:

Today people are not only expecting to be marketed to in a certain way, they also are actively looking for the ‘expert’ of any product, service or idea. We make our clients the apparent ‘thought leader’ in their space.

Advocacy marketing

Advocacy Marketing:

In our ‘discovery’ process we must determine that we can become ‘advocates’ for the prospective company, product and leadership. As advocates, we are able to deliver a premium marketing product.

Content marketing

Content Marketing:

From website content, blogs, eBooks, white-papers, webinars, podcasts and video production, we deliver content that our clients’ prospective buyers are looking for and appreciate.

Video production

Video Production:

Today, video production quality is as an integral part of thought leadership. From on-location to explainer animation to studio production, we take our in-depth knowledge of the client, their stories needing to be told, and translate them into engaging, educational and entertaining video.

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Why choose SQMedia

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Our Clients Speak 

What they're saying

QuoteAs a client, I’ve leaned heavily upon SQmedia to effectively bring our message to the market and they have delivered in all-star fashion. Our company has benefited from the extensive knowledge, experience and work ethic that SQmedia brings to the table. I felt an immediate synergy from the very first meeting and it was evident to me that they truly cared about the success of our business. I also greatly appreciate their unique business model that empowers us to produce outstanding marketing deliverables in the most cost-effective manner that I’ve seen.

Wade Bantley Managing Director, SaM Solutions US

intro-quoteAs President and CEO of Axiometrics, Inc. I have had the pleasure to work directly with SQmedia for the last four years. They have exceeded and continue to exceed all expectations in providing online business transformation for Axiometrics. SQmedia brings a business development approach to the marketing experience which is at once revealing and empowering. The ROI of their unique approach has continually met target, which of course is just phenomenal for us.

Ron Johnsey President, CEO, Axiometrics Inc.


Meet our awesome team

Claire Parker

SEO, PR and SM project manager

Overseeing a team of fifteen at Globerunner SEO in Addison, TX, if Claire is not busy getting awesome results for our clients she is probably traveling for fun to some strange and crazy destination.

Steve Chenoweth

Managing Director

Steve is the founder and CEO of SQmedia, Inc. He has always had the unique ability to surround himself with really smart people. Just ask his wife.

Avi Valentine

Chief Technical writer

Avi is a highly talented technical writer with years of experience in aerospace engineering, creating documentation for the Federal Aviation Administration and knocking out military contracts for kicks. She manages our team of awesome writers from her home in sunny St. Petersburg, FL.

What we believe in


We believe entrepreneurs are the future of humanity, and a significant amount of our profit goes to support third world entrepreneurs through micro-financing.


Deliver WOW through results. Anticipate change, deliver innovation. 


We deliver value through marketing innovation. 


Humility, honesty, transparency, sustainability, green.

Our way

Understanding our process

Our process


Does the prospect fit our target market? Basic review of web presence, LinkedIn profiles, etc. This is typically followed by a fifteen minute phone call to establish rapport, explain the process and schedule the discovery call.


An in-depth hour of learning about the prospects business, getting answers to the questions that will enable us to determine if we can go to the next step. History of company, company culture, current marketing, sales process, close ratio, value of sale, competitive landscape, innovations, etc. The prospect knows that unless we feel confident in our ability to deliver a 300% ROI, we will not move forward.


Our SEO team goes to work on competitive analysis, search universe analysis, demand generation strategy, etc. Our presentation will explain what we believe needs to be done, and how and what we plan to deliver.


The KPI definition will be well defined and agreed upon prior to finalizing the agreement.

Our annual agreements are ‘soft’ with 30 day out-clauses as we believe in mitigating risk for the client by putting the responsibility on our team to show significant progress monthly.

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