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Axiometrics, Inc.

Axiometrics is the US industry leader in Apartment Market Intelligence. They are a SaaS providing timely data to commercial real estate investors and developers. 


Problem / Solution


When we began working with Axio in 2011, there was nothing more than an online business card as a web presence. During the last five years under our digital marketing retainer we have designed, engineered and built two websites, produced and directed over 300 videos and produced and recorded their industry podcast among many, many other things.


We have assisted with new product design /development /testing, campaign development, content creation and training of team members on inbound marketing methodology and execution. We designed and developed a quarterly aerial video product featuring apartment properties under construction in key markets nationally, and we directed the implementation of Axio's very successful 240 post per year editorial blogging calendar.




The ROI experienced over the years through our efforts is difficult to calculate, but it has been substantially more than 300% (net dollars). During our five year retainer, Axiometrics has grown from $2M to $12M and expanded from 20 employees to 120 employees.

BroadData Conferencing is a twenty year international audio conferencing provider that came to us wanting to increase the valuation of their company prior to exit. They had built the company on excellent customer service, providing (what has become) commoditized PSTN audio conferencing. 


Problem / Solution


Increasing customer count for this business proved to be an incredibly challenging task considering that quality PSTN audio conferencing is a relatively expensive service compared to competing VoIP, which is free. Through market testing during our first three months we determined that marketing this best-of-breed twenty year-old technology against a free, ubiquitous (be it less reliable) technology was an uphill battle. In an agile marketing kind of way, we made a strong pivot.


Over the next 12 months our new objective became creating a next generation online communication service providing the ease-of-use and integration that today’s users are expecting. This entailed development of a web video conferencing app (free to anyone), Google Calendar integration, and a mobile app for joining conference calls (with a single tap) from the road. Using a growth hacking approach, we created a potentially viral expansion model utilizing strategic integrations (with Hubspot CRM,15,000 users, and with #Slack, 2.7M users) and a freemium registration model.




The new startup is mpowr, and will be launched late this summer. The upgrade path will include secure, reliable PSTN audio conferencing on a pay-as-you-go model. Our goal is to increase the valuation of the parent company by at least 300%, which would represent a 1500% ROI on total development dollars paid to SQmedia. We are working with the client on a discounted fee basis in exchange for equity to get us deeply invested in the success of this product.

SaM Solutions US

SaM is a 21 year, Germany based software development outsourcing provider with 700 developers in Eastern Europe. One of the top 100 software development firms worldwide, SaM has an excellent reputation working with multi-nationals like Daimler, IBM and Fujitzu as well as with startups.


For the last 2.5 years we have developed and managed an online presence for their US-based operations exuding their place in the top 100 software development firms worldwide with thought leadership.


Problem / Solution


Running a 240 post per year editorial calendar, the SaM US web presence has grown from 0 pages to 750 pages. We've developed thousands of unique, targeted leads with over 20 premium eBook and webinar offers on the website, all developed by our research and editorial staff. We have developed apparent thought leadership through our ghost written content, video production, building and managing a LinkedIn professional group through the clients LI profile and other digital PR efforts.




Through highly targeted premium content research and development, we deliver over 100 highly qualified leads for SaM US monthy; some of which are nurtured into phone conversations (with the client), and some of those become software development clients for SaM. The average first-year net value of a new client for SaM is $40K (net), and through our digital marketing efforts the client averages eight to ten new clients annually. Through the building of a solid digital marketing foundation, the development of apparent thought leadership and strong, research-driven content-creation demand-generation efforts, we deliver a consistent 300%+ annual net ROI for SaM Solutions US.


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