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We have all seen change lying on the ground and instead of pausing to pocket a nickel or penny, we keep walking. ScreenShot2015-03-12at8.30.53AMThe five cents isn’t worth the effort. In so many ways, content has become currency. Everyone is making it, everyone wants it, there never seems to be enough and yet we will step over it on the street if it doesn’t hold enough value.

Remember the @HiddenCash philanthropist? Followers of the Twitter handle were fed clues to hidden money; each stash held between $20 and $100 dollars. The story made national news and had people all over California searching for the treasure. The finders posted pics of their discoveries and shared what they planned to do with the money.

You could spread twice as much, in pennies, around the city and it’s likely that most of it would stay exactly where it fell. Pennies are common and most people don’t have the time to go searching for fortunes one cent at a time. Most content on the web falls into the same category as a dirty penny on the street.

The @HiddenCash philanthropist hit the sweet spot of entertainment, utility and conversation. His currency had a higher than printed value because it created a community. People were taking time off work to search with their friends. The hunt was entertaining even if you didn’t live in California because we all wanted to see what was going to happen next.







@HiddenCash Guy

The Hunt

National News

People Need Money

Remained anonymous so the act was center stage

Your Content

Emotional Connection

Generate Buzz

Fill a Need

Don’t let your message get lost in the hype


So what can you learn about your content from the @HiddenCash philanthropist? Your content, in any form, needs to be so good that your community is excited and hungry for more. They can’t wait to tell their friends because the utility is there; a need is fulfilled. In addition to filling a need, it is entertaining while guiding community towards an action.

Create content that won’t be left on the street; stepped over and forgotten. Instead, create the kind of content that drives your community to search for more.

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