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Hubspot is a name that you probably hear frequently; you may have some vague notion of it having something todo with marketing. But what probably sticks out the most in your mind is the cost of membership. Hubspot is not a cheap tool; and it doesn’t perform like one either.


Hubspot is a one-stop-shop for all of the inbound marketing tools that you could ever need. This includes content creation and monitoring, analytics and lead generating. It accomplishes all of this and so much more, in addition to supporting personalized web experiences and automated marketing.

The automated portion is accomplished through “triggers.” As a registered lead visits specified pages, a trigger is created. For example, a registered lead may visit a page on SEO; then three days later they receive an email newsletter that details the use of SEO in their industry and how your firm can make it work for them.

Managing sites, blogs and campaigns is simplified by Hubspot’s user-friendly interface. Even if you are purchasing Hubspot through a VAR there is still a chance that your employees will be interacting with the software to manage content or perform certain marketing activities. Additionally, the Hubspot membership can be continued even after your partnership with the VAR is over.

Hubspot savvy VARs understand that the service they are selling will continue to pay dividends long after they are gone. The residual traffic that occurs organically after the establishment of a solid inbound marketing campaign will continue to flow for years with only basic nurturing. Hubspot gives you the tools to capitalize on your investment.