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Mindlessly going after followers may be a great tactic if you are in high school and want to look cool; however, photo-1421809313281-48f03fa45e9f-1it’s ultimately, not an effective measurement of marketing success. Too many companies point to troves of followers as some magical, never ending lead list; but, this is simply not true. The number of followers is not a measure of success. The number of qualified leads is.

There are essentially five categories of followers: customers, influencers (consultants, analyst, press), prospects, vendors and partners. To optimize your followers, do some research to understand how your current list breaks down and then analyze those to learn which group is the most powerful. Obviously, those from the prospects group are great; but, your partner list may be even more powerful. One partner follower that also engages with 100 joint prospects is more valuable than 300 influencer followers.

When you understand how your followers are distributed among various channels you can create content that speaks to each group and only deliver the content that is relevant to that group through the respective channel.

New qualified prospects are gained by delivering content that speaks to the group appropriately.  Don’t underestimate the value of leaving a top of the funnel prospect alone: continue to provide valuable content but don’t turn the contact info over to the sales team. High pressure, frequent contacts are likely to push the prospect into the waiting arms of your competitor.

Remember that you probably don’t know how many prospects you have at the top of the funnel. Many are learning about solutions and gaining an understanding of their own dilemma through online content but have not decided to reach out yet. Producing content for this set builds your value and increases the likelihood that when the time is right, they will call you.

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