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In the previous post I discussed growth hacking and how it can be a great compliment to inbound marketing. photo-1426200830301-372615e4ac54-1Now we will dive a little deeper to understand why inbound marketing is the “slow and steady” solution to building a pipeline of qualified leads.

When companies take on a new marketing initiative they like to see quick results. This harkens back to the days when local businesses ran radio spots and TV commercials for a very short, specified time and then waited for the stampede of buyers to flood their stores.

But clearly, TV commercials and radio spots have past their prime in terms of business marketing; however, for many, their expectations of a marketing campaign haven’t changed. While a viral video or super Tweet may provide a temporary boost in traffic. The result is short-lived and the social media loving world is soon on to the next thing.

However, inbound marketing is built to engage with internet users on their terms. The basics of inbound are simple:

  1. Know your target
  2. Understand their pain
  3. Provide amazing content at the right time

Clearly define your audience, take the time to understand their frustrations and the ways in which your solution addresses those frustrations. Create superior content that not only provides value in terms of your solution but addresses several other common frustrations that surround the core issue. Doing all of this creates value-add nirvana for your target audience. As long as your solution continues to serve a need you will gain prospects through this approach. Inbound marketing is a machine that keeps producing long after the post is written.

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