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Every company operating in the digital market space is producing content of some kind. Most believe that they photo-1427348693976-99e4aca06bb9are using personalization techniques that demonstrate to potential clients an understanding of their needs. However, creating personalized content is more than just addressing an email using his or her first name.


Creating personalized content begins by studying your audience. Not only do you want to clearly identify their pain points, you want to understand how they are currently addressing those needs and how they would like to address them in the future.

Additionally, you must understand how they consume content; is it through videos, slide shows, blog posts, pod casts? Do they prefer to access content while sitting at their desks or are they more likely to read or listen on a mobile device? Each of these considerations has a hand in personalizing your content.


Within your ideal audience, subsets will emerge. One such division is made based on how the potential client became aware of your business. It may have been through a referral, a social media click, an email campaign or a search engine. Creating unique landing pages for each of these distinctions allows you to put forth a tailored message based on what you know about each of these audiences.

Developing personalized content requires more effort than pumping out content geared at the general masses. However, it is vital in laying the foundation for a relationship with your clients that begins while they are still prospects.

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