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The basic premise of predictive marketing is simple: a goal-based approach that consists of planned milestones photo-1423766111988-c47a5ff6ed06and aggressive reverse engineering to the milestones and ultimately to the goal. But as they say, the devil is in the details. There are so many opportunities and avenues to connect with potential clients that businesses often become overwhelmed; couple this with mountains of data and the result is either paralysis or a rapid-fire attempt to touch a little of everything without really accomplishing anything.

To optimize the results of a predictive marketing campaign, business leaders must pay specific attention to a few key areas.

Time Sensitivity

Understanding that your analytics are giving you a snapshot of a moment in time provides valuable perspective. Because the needs and intent of your potential clients are always changing, gauging the appropriate time to reach-out optimizes the use of your time and resources.

Big Picture

The sheer amount of data available on any given market makes it easy to pull out a few nuggets as the substantiation for a plan. Systematizing this data into analytical models ensures that the plan doesn’t fall apart at the last minute. It takes all of the data-gathering efforts and applies them to create a meaningful and results-orientated strategy.

Open-Ended Goals

The promises of predictive marketing can lure smart business leaders down unknown paths. Instead of creating concrete goals and working towards those goals with a strict, detailed plan; marketing dollars are thrown against an ever-expanding wall with the belief that each will have great returns. The truth is that most businesses will see the greatest returns when acting through a very specific, validated method that has a clearly defined objective.

Predictive marketing is super exciting and has the potential to re-write the way businesses gain access to new leads and how those leads are nurtured through the sales process. With the right marketing experts in place, a clear goal in sight and a belief in the process, predictive marketing dramatically increases returns on marketing dollars.

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