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It’s not enough to simply have the best product or to even write a few blog posts every now and then. Customersphoto-1428856472086-8674d9cbd6bc are craving transparency; especially those in the B2B space. Being honest with your clients about your epic fails and amazing wins builds trust and develops relationships.

Creating clients that will keep coming back even after you mess-up; clients that will recommend your service and resist the temptation to jump to another provider; in short, these are the very best type of client to have.

How can you be sure that transparency is the key to winning this kind of relationship? Here are two companies that have embraced transparency and are leading their respective markets because of it.

Buffer: Building Relationships and Businesses

As a social media management tool, Buffer is most commonly utilized by small, lean startups looking for a cost-efficient (or free) solution. The founders of Buffer started by disclosing employee salaries. This dramatic move quickly built trust among their fledging users who were new business owners themselves. Buffer continued to sweeten the transparency pot by releasing: operational procedures, code, pricing, revenue and even a book list. The result? Buffer recently welcomed in another $60 million in funding and continues to enjoy serious growth among new users.

Groove: Follow the Journey

Groove is a software development company with a tool that helps companies develop their own help desk software. In their transparency journey, Groove has highlighted areas that their customers complain about and openly admitted their mistakes. In addition, they routinely publish blog content on their journey to a goal of making $100,000 a month. So how is all of this transparency working out for Groove? Well, they recently surpassed their goal and are now on their way to $500,000 MRR so I would say that transparency is working.

Building a relationship with customers is the most critical aspect of any marketing campaign; the foundation of any relationship is trust. A philosophy of transparency supercharges relationships and ensures that they are built to last.

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