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At a very high level, inbound marketing is divided into five phases: attract, convert, close, delight. Over the nextlNlimzQRqm3emNrRnv1w_IMG_7726 few posts, we will examine each of these phases in detail. As the fastest growing marketing strategy, inbound marketing has very pure, clear boundaries. Operating within those boundaries provides structure and order to our efforts.

The word “relationship” gets thrown around a lot when discussing potential and existing clients; everyone wants to build a relationship because suddenly your company is more than just a product. It embodies something intangible; something that will retain your existing clients and turn them into evangelists.

In that vein, let’s look at Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that you attract that on which you most focus. If you are focused on your ideal customer, you will attract your ideal customer. However, before you can begin your diligent focus, you must clearly define your beloved by building a buyer persona.

A comprehensive buyer persona includes identifying the goals, challenges, pain points and common objections to products and services in addition to the demographic information of an identified audience. The next step is to turn your business so that these ideal, buyer personas: your beloveds, are the central focus. It’s not enough to silently pine for your beloved; now you must get her to notice you.

The question is, “how do you do that?” the answer: love notes, orchestrated “chance” meetings, swagger and a hopping social calendar.

Love Notes i.e. Blogging

This is where you pour your heart and soul. Show your ideal precisely how valued they are by addressing their concerns and anticipating their needs. Provide content that educates as well as entertains. At this point, your goal is to pique their interest and to get them to hang around long enough to discover that you have the tools and knowledge they can’t live without.

“Chance” Meetings i.e. SEO

This is the “oh…funny seeing you here” equivalent of online marketing; a nonchalant way of showing up with an umbrella just as she gets off the bus into a down pour. It is providing unbelievable value at precisely the moment when your ideal is most receptive: when they are actively looking for engagement.

In the digital world, this happens when you select keywords based on research and analysis, optimize your pages, create content and build in links that are supported by known, associated search terms.

Show-Off the Swagger i.e. Appealing Pages

You would never (and should never) plan to meet your beloved covered in sweat and wearing yesterday’s dirty laundry. Instead, you bring the swagger! Everything from your crisp new shirt to the shine on your shoes to the pleasant linger of your cologne is directed at attracting your ideal.

As the visual identity of your online business, your pages must bring the swagger by providing educational content in a beautiful and engaging interface.

Social Calendar i.e. Social Media Networking

Every few years, a reoccurring news story that involves a guy, a girl, an engagement ring and a billboard resurfaces. This is a guy that has found an awesome vehicle for posting his love letters; one that gets him noticed by other outlets and makes it difficult for his ideal to ignore.

Getting out on the social scene builds brand awareness and provides a vehicle through which you can post all of the amazing content you have created. It also makes it easy for your potential ideals to find out what others are saying about you and to recommend your content to their friends.

Attraction is finicky; what is beautiful one day is ugly the next. That is why it is crucial to keep your ideal client at the center of your business and to occasionally re-evaluate your buyer persona. 

Now that you know how to get your beloved to notice you, it is time to get her number (convert)…which will be covered in the next post.

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