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We are all familiar with the term Agile as it refers to software development. Applying this methodology to a marketing team is just as fruitful. At its core, Agile is based on structured work that produces measureable IPEivX6xSBaiYOukY88V_DSC06462_tonemappedresults. It allows teams to focus efforts on the most valuable projects and creates an environment in which results are directly linked to the goals of the business.

An Agile approach to marketing projects works beautifully with predictive marketing strategies. Predictive marketing uses available data to understand what potential clients want, where they want it and how they want it. From a content perspective, this information allows your company to produce content that answers the questions of your ideal audience and delivers these answers in a way that this audience will find to be the most accessible (newsletter, email, blog, social media, etc.).

When Agile and Predictive are coupled together, your marketing strategy is knowledge-based, adaptive and goal-centered. This type of strategy allows the business to forecast, with certainty, the outcomes of an initiative.

Creating and implementing a marketing strategy that operates at this level requires a team with the experience to utilize available data to craft unique content offerings, promote brand recognition and develop industry leader status while analyzing results all along the way.

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