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Many are still unconvinced as to the effectivity of blogging for business. You may be seeing low subscriber photo-1425136738262-212551713a58-1ratesor share numbers in the double digits; but the truth is that the new marketing landscape has taken everything out of the hands of the business and put it into the hands of the prospect.

Even in business transactions, the decision to buy is first and foremost an emotional one. Blog posts are the perfect venue for connecting with your readers on an emotional level. They provide a place for you to voice their concerns and offer solutions in a tone that speaks to the intangible aspects of your business.

Your blog is probably receiving traffic from these three types of readers without you even knowing it:

The Explorer

She is just beginning to consider the tools and solutions your company offers. So she probably Googled a few questions and arrived at a post on your blog. She read through that one and maybe a few others and since she likes what she read, she has decided to put your company on a list of providers to consider. She also subscribes to your blog to stay abreast of changes in the space.

The Referral

This guy heard about your company from his racquetball buddy and did a quick search on your company name to arrive at your home page. After reading through the product offerings he headed over to the blog to see if you are as smart as his buddy thinks you are. Two or three articles in he decides that your actionable content is great and really begins to feel that your solution is the right one for him. He subscribes so that he can keep learning and makes a mental note to buy his buddy a beer.

The Second Guesser

This one has had trouble differentiating all of the possible solutions. He has an extensive spreadsheet that lists the pros and cons of each solution and has practically memorized the product offering pages of you and at least two of your competitors. In his undying search for more information, he begins searching on questions he may have post-implementation. One of your posts ranks near the top of the search. After reading the article, our second guesser has the confidence to pick a provider he feels understands both his current problem and the ones he may have down the road.

What our three readers have in common is that all of this was taking place prior to your first personal contact. They have already read your site, talked to their colleagues and began charting your strengths and weaknesses before reaching out. Your blog offers a place for you to engage without knowing your prospect’s email address or phone number. You can start a personal conversation and begin building that all-important relationship from the very first search.

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