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First off, I am going to assume that everyone reading this article understands that the mobile marketing game isphoto-1428591501234-1ffcb0d6871f huge. You can almost guarantee that anyone you want to reach with your marketing dollars spends most of the day holding a mobile device.

So how can you determine the best way to get your message into the mobile space? Here are a few things to consider:

  1.      App or Site?

Many companies jump into the deep end of the pool without testing the water. Meaning that they launch a full-fledge mobile app development initiative without understanding how their target audience is using mobile in relation to their product.

Understanding this interaction is crucial to developing an effective mobile campaign. If your target audience is using mobile for data gathering in contrast to transactions, a mobile app might be the right move. It provides your users with simplified access to information both on- and offline.

However, if you operate a large ecommerce site, a mobile website is probably a better bet. It allows your users to access the same information available on your desktop site in a simplified view.

  1.      What is Your Competitor Doing?

It’s always good to see what’s going on down the street. However, don’t assume that you need to develop an app just because your competitor has an app. Do a little research first to understand how well-received the app has been and if it is actually translating into increased revenue (check out downloads and cruise a few review sites to get the low-down).

  1.      Be Social

There is no replacement for social media when it comes to pushing your mobile message; whether you decide to go with a mobile site or an app, social media is a great place to get people talking about your mobile message and to gain mobile users.

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