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Nearly every business model involves some sort of advertising or at the very least, partner and client outreach. photo-1429000263672-1b8b4008d2f7While the goal may be to attract new customers and clients, or to simply retain existing ones, marketing is a vital part of all businesses. In the modern fast-paced world, where business advertising and marketing intersects with social media and viral outreach, more and more companies are turning to video marketing to get their messages to potential clients. This is due to video marketing’s simple to digest form and its nearly unlimited ability to be customized to the target audience.

Video marketing presents a unique way for businesses to reach their audience because it is such an easily digestible format for the consumer. Instead of printed marketing, which may be time consuming to read or online advertising which may be ignored, video marketing is engaging and attention grabbing in a world where attention spans and time are at a premium. Video marketing campaigns have the ability to be shared between people via their interconnected social media networks, thus getting the message out to an even greater audience than originally anticipated.

When video marketing is used strategically, it can be customized to potential target groups or even to specific individuals a business would like to reach. Instead of mass, generic emails to faceless mailing lists, customized video marketing presents an opportunity to market a service or product with a personal touch. In fact, it is found that personalized marketing can lead to a nineteen percent jump in sales.

Video marketing, when used in conjunction with sound sales strategies and customer service, presents businesses with a customizable and unique way to reach out to their ideal audience; and it gives the consumer a quick and easily digestible way to learn about a product or service.

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