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A recent article posted by Avi Dan takes a crack at predicting marketing trends of the upcoming year. In his photo-1414788020357-3690cfdab669article, Dan discusses (among other things) the vital role of CMOs and how the changing landscape of technology will impact the makeup of the marketing team.

CMOs will become, as Dan coined, “Chief Simplifier Officers.” Instead of operating wholly within their departments, successful CMOs will reach out to all business units and act as a unifying thread throughout the company. In this role, the CMO will have the opportunity to engage with various disciplines to gain a deeper understanding of the product and insight into the ways in which the brand’s message can be optimized to reach new clients.

Dan also discusses the emerging role of the “marketing technologist” in support of “marketing in a digital world” as opposed to “digital marketing.” These talented individuals possess the unique blend of marketing chops and technology expertise; a mix that is vital to successful campaigns.

It may be difficult to find this distinctive blending of skillsets within your current marketing team. Supplementing this team by partnering with an innovative and tech-savvy marketing firm allows the business to gain all of the benefits of a fully developed in-house team while maintaining a contractual relationship with a provider that shares your vision for the company’s marketing perspective.

What are you planning to do in 2015 to ensure that your company’s marketing messages are better than ever? Let me know in the comments section and it may come up in a future post.