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The technology world and commercial real estate worlds are colliding in a beautiful display of fireworks. Investorscommercial-real-estate and developers of some of the most well-known technology solutions are adding real estate supporting companies to their portfolios.

Real estate tech startups gained more than $740 million in funding between July 2012 and July 2014, as reported by The Real Deal. This surge evidences the fact that the real estate sector is on the rise and it has gained a younger, hipper investment group.

Some of the hottest startups in the sector are 42Floors, Lovely and CompStak. Each recently received a heavy cash infusion from a tech maven looking for the next big thing. David Frankel; named South African Technology Achiever of the Century by Financial Mail for his development of Internet Solutions, the largest ISP and private data carrier in South Africa, recently invested in all three of these startups. As reported by Hiten Samtani, Frankel is looking for “people with a lot of intellectual property and knowledge within a space connected with good technology and great marketing people.”

Frankel isn’t the only tech-startup-turned-investor to get in on the hype; Joshua Kushner (early Instagram investor), Alexander Krug (VP of Behance) and Dave McClure (founding partner of 500 Startups) are also taking part in the action.

Investors heavy with cash from successful endeavors in the technology sector are eager to invest in companies that are solving problems through the development of innovative solutions; 42Floors, Lovely and CompStak are doing just that.