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If it feels like your inbound marketing efforts have you reeling it’s probably because they do. Seasoned CMOs areMIbCzcvxQdahamZSNQ26_12082014-IMG_3526 finding it to be increasingly difficult to keep up with the plethora of channels that must be filled in order to meet “comprehensive inbound marketing plan” definitions.

Marketing executives that have long been immersed in corporate culture and are looking to bring inbound marketing to the forefront of the business have a difficult task at hand. In addition to understanding site design, landing pages vs. content pages, educational content, lead nurturing vs. educational emails, blogging and call-to-action buttons at all stages of the sales funnel; well positioned CMOs must be capable of recruiting individuals that can handle multiple aspects of an inbound marketing plan while balancing an acute interest in industry trends.

This delicate amalgamation of digital aptitude, industry knowledge and trend awareness is difficult to capsulate in any given corporate culture. What’s more is there is no guarantee that your selected team will perform as expected. After all, they probably haven’t worked together before and a variety of constraints (budgets, locale, working environment) may have kept you from recruiting your top choice.

Inbound marketing agencies specialize in filling this need. They are uniquely staffed with in-house experts and may also rely on a hyper-virtual resourcing model that allows them to access the best talent for any given project. The result of a hyper-virtual model is an increase in the value of each marketing dollar by at least 40%; essentially doubling your marketing budget without any additional investment.

You don’t have to go it alone; reach out to an experienced and dynamic inbound marketing agency for support in your fight to tame the inbound beast.