Published under: Agency, Content Creation, Targeted Communication

You know your product better than anyone else and you know the benefits that it provides. But how can you make sure that you aretargeted communication maximizing your exposure? Taking the time to analyze your ideal client and developing a strategy that speaks directly to that segment of the industry is a sure-fire way to reach the businesses or individuals that will see them most benefit from your offering.

First, determine your client’s demographic, profession and job level. This will determine the tone and level of communication that will be most effective.

The next phase requires a little more analysis; think about how this individual spends most of their day and the pain points that they experience along the way. Develop strategies for how your offering specifically answers those needs. Consider the results that are of the most value and how you can support their drive to find success in those areas.

Lastly, understand how this ideal client evaluates new offerings. Are they most interested in partnering with a business that has industry experience or are they more concerned with those that can provide an outsider’s perspective?

With a firm grasp on this key information, the most effective communication channels for reaching this targeted audience will quickly become evident.