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axiometricsIn the world of video editing, six seconds can be a lifetime...a fact that the creators of Vine certainly realized. Vine was founded by two gentlemen, Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov, in June 2012. Twitter quickly acquired the company in October of 2012.

With this clever little app you can record six straight seconds of video, or you can break that six seconds into 'stop motion animation', creating as many short video captures as might be possible in six seconds. I'm not sure what the maximum possible manual frame captures might be in six seconds, but I'm guessing somewhere between 60 to 80. The first Vine on this page is about 50 frame captures, in six seconds...roughly 0.1 second each.

What's ever so cool about this app is the looping feature, instantly enabling a powerful engagement effect. This also creates an effective branding mechanism where you could, for example, creatively repeat your company byline over and over and over.

The social sharing aspect of Vine enables a virtual viral machine, with instant Twitter and Facebook shares and with other social media shares in the works.

I've included a couple Vine's I created with Vine. The first features the Axiometrics byline, and the second, a shameless agency promotion. Each of these created in only seconds with Vine. I'm sure you can do much better, so go ahead, create your first Vine today!