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jason-friedThe marketing agency of the future? What will it look like? To borrow the coined phase of Paul Roetzer of PR20/20, it's a 'hybrid agency' for sure, offering a wide variety of services under one roof. Things like Brand, Website, Search, Content, Video, Social, and PR are all handled for a contracted monthly retainer fee, essentially taking the guesswork out of marketing budgets. In fact, the agency of the future is making enterprise-class conversion marketing an affordable budget item for SMB's. These hybrid agencies are ROI centric, in that everything they do is measured for effectiveness. If at the end of the year they can't show a positive ROI, they are probably not getting another twelve month contract.

At SQmedia, our intention is to take the 'hybrid agency' to the next level. We are doing this in a number of ways. For instance, we have a global business distribution model that enables us to get a tremendous amount of work done for a fraction of the price. Hmm...really? Interesting. I'll come back to this.

We also don't accept a new client unless we're confident we can deliver a minimum 3X ROI first year. After our discovery meeting with a new prospect, we simply do the math and will not provide a proposal unless all the planets line up. We feel by making a minimum ROI as part of our value proposition, we're providing a better service to our clients. Interesting concept, but more importantly an attribute of the agency of the future, today.

We are the greenest company we know of...seriously. We all work remotely, so we burn zero gasoline to get to work, and the only electricity we burn is for our home offices. We do everything with ones and zeros, so we have very little need for copy paper. We all grew up listening to Jason Fried's philosophy (founder of 37signals and author of Rework) of business building in the 21st century, which I've graciously shared with you below. Listen to it carefully and you will discover how SQmedia is able to deliver twice the content and monthly deliverables relative to the majority of our competition.

Make time for Jason's brilliant delivery and finally learn the incredible similarity between work and sleep, and the toxic nature of M&M's.