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luminosoLuminoso has created the world's first cloud-based, massively multi-lingual, scalable solution for understanding text. "We have all this data, now what? Luminoso allows Big Data to become Big Insight, identifying the nuances and colorations of meaning that rapidly turn into actionable business intelligence", for any business and for content creation services. "You'll know what people are saying about your company and product, directly and indirectly, through hints, allusions, and metaphors."

Luminoso is not the first company in this space, but they appear to have leap-frogged competitors like Lexalytics, Crimson Hexagon and Clarabridge. Luminoso's technology is based on 14 years of research at MIT that applies artificial intelligence, probability and a database of 17 million facts (many taken from Wikipedia) to appropriate common sense knowledge to text mining. Get a better idea of the power of this disruptive technology in this short demo:


Luminoso Technology

Content Creation Services with an IQ

Advertisers are already using beta versions of Luminoso to more intelligently craft ads around what their target market is thinking and writing about. Luminoso "can figure out the theme of an article, or the similarities between two documents, just from text. It can detect spam and route support requests." For developers, the Luminoso API delivers "sharp contextual understanding and emotional intelligence" to their apps. Reportedly, there are already 5,000 developers on the waiting list for the Luminoso API.

Luminoso is scheduled to be released to the public tomorrow, April 16. Agencies providing content creation services for their clients can find out more at Luminoso.