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By all conventional standards, you should not admire Tony Stark.

He’s a genuine narcissist; he actually oozes arrogance. Anyone that describes himself as a “genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” clearly doesn’t have a modest bone in his body.

He’s an alcoholic, a gambler and has an army of personal demons.

And yet, people can so easily identify with him, in spite of his flaws, because deep down Tony Stark doesn’t try to be perfect. He embraces every part of himself—a trait that all of us secretly (and not so secretly) wishes we possessed.

But the real reason we admire Tony Stark is because he does more than just accept his flaws; he reinvents his imperfections and uses them to his advantage. He’s mortal and yet, is just as much of a superhero as Thor or Superman.

In honor of Iron Man 3’s epic opening weekend, I am going to delve into the Marvel universe to discuss how you can beef up your content creation services—The Iron Man Way—in 4 easy steps.

If you're Iron Man challenged in any way don't worry, you'll still get a lot of value from this post.

1) Rule With Resources: Tony Stark is insanely wealthy, but that alone doesn't make him special. What makes him unique is his resourcefulness—it's one of his super powers. He uses all of his resources to gain the upper hand and to crush his enemies.

Likewise, you can use resources to improve your content creation services. Enterprising individuals use every available resource possible in order to create new opportunities. Use CMS to measure your analytics, and use this information to locate the holes in your content creation services. Use your data as a valuable resource to improve previously written content, increase your social media presence, and to create better videos to help fill in these gaps. Leverage your most important resource of all—your customers—and get their direct input on your products and services by using interactive tools like polls and surveys, as part of your content creation services strategy.

2) Don't Re-Invent The Wheel, Re-Shape It: Tony Stark is a genius—there's no denying that. Most of us didn't graduate with advanced degrees from MIT at the age of 17, or use our ingenuity to invent a powered suit of armor to escape captivity.

You don't need super human intellect to gain an advantage. It's not necessary to reinvent the wheel.

One of the biggest misconceptions that you'll face while crafting your content creation services is that everything you put together has to be original. It's simply not true; in fact, believing this half-truth can actually undermine your success. Attempting to always invent something new will eventually tax your energy and cause you to mentally burn out.

Truly successful individuals use their ingenuity to reshape that which already exists. They observe what others are doing, and use their time and energy to skillfully adapt other people's ideas for their own products and services.

Look towards the market leaders in your industry to improve the quality of your content creation services. Carefully study their websites, optin to their campaigns, download any free content they offer, and analyze all aspects of their marketing. Look at their most popular content pieces, and then set out to create better versions.

The goal is not to copy their strategy; it's to improve on it.

On the flip side, you could also take an opposing viewpoint on popular subjects, in order to stir up a little controversy within your industry. People may not always agree with you, but at least you'll be remembered for being a rebel.

3) Art Imitates Life: Channel Your Inner Demons for Inspiration: It's no secret that Tony Stark has skeletons in his closet and personal demons, but he doesn't let that get the best of him. He’s done a great deal to maintain his sobriety and to keep his womanizing tendencies at bay.

We all have our own personal sagas and inner demons. These imperfections and hurts don't make us weak—they make us human. Let your past serve as a source of inspiration for your content creation services. If you have any personal stories of overcoming your inner demons, including fears or addictions, share some of that information with your audience in order to emotionally bond with them.

4) Be Your Audience - Tony Stark has a dual identity; he is also Iron Man. But unlike Batman and Spiderman, he doesn't hide behind the mask. He wants everyone to know that he is the man in the iron suit. Likewise, always embrace your two identities: Every marketer is also a consumer. This is an important reality that many professionals forget, but it's crucial for your content creation services.

Take a step back and think about the products and services that you most often buy. Sit down and ask yourself, "Why do I buy these items?" and make a list of all of the reasons that you can come up with. Single out any stellar attributes and if possible, draw parallels to your products or services. Performing this simple, yet eye-opening exercise helps to give you some perspective as to what your customers are looking for in your company.

As long as you don’t forget to relate to your customers as a fellow consumer, you’ll always have a unique advantage for your content creation services.

In order to create "super" content creation services, it's not about building a flawless system—it's about accepting and utilizing your strengths, weaknesses and resources in the best way possible to gain the biggest advantage. Just ask Tony Stark, the imperfect, yet endearing superhero who shows us that with the right tools, we can all discover our hidden superpowers.

Do you have a favorite superhero? How can he or she inspire your content creation services?