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The CEO of a business furniture business buys ad space in a golfing magazine because he's an avid golfer. The president of an investment firm advertises in an industry journal, even though it's read exclusively by industry piers, not potential customers. It's a common mistake, not too different from the mistakes many of us make, failing to see the world through our customers eyes. Instead we tend to think that they view the world much the same as us. As marketers, we fall into this social quotient quandary even more readily than we care to admit.

Social Quotient, The Concept

One definition of Social Quotient is simply ones' social intelligence. We expand the social quotient concept to refer to the level of awareness and understanding we posses as it relates to social interaction in business, especially online. The better we understand this subject, the more adept we will be towards change, and the more success we will enjoy in todays marketplace.

While social media has created the two way communication between businesses and consumers that never existed before, it still remains a complicated and confusing landscape for many. Therein lies the opportunity for marketers. But more times than not, our lack of 'social quotient' will entice us to over-simplify, and incorrectly assume that consumers see inbound social media marketing through the same lens we do.

In Exact Targets' series of reports, Marketers From Mars, they have released their latest results from a study attempting to quantify just this very 'social quotient' divide between marketers and consumers. Check it out, marketers and consumers really are from different planets.

SQmedia History - Established in 2011

The business started in early 2011 as Social Quotient, a social media company. SQmedia rapidly grew to a full-service digital marketing and video production company, also offering content generation and content marketing. Additionally, we are now a Hubspot Certified Agency providing inbound marketing for our clients. Though a worldwide distributed business model, we are able to provide our clients with a low cost, high-value ROI-driven marketing alternative.