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content-marketer-anatomyUnfortunately, I cannot even hear the word “anatomy” without being transported back to my high school biology class. There I stood, dead frog filleted open and pinned to my desk; the vile smell of formaldehyde thick in the air, while Dr. Stevenson defined each small, amphibian organ in excruciating detail.

However, assuming that the rest of the world does not suffer from the same high school flashbacks, I whole-heartedly recommend Michael Gerard’s post, “Content Marketing Traits That Are Crucial to Success” and the accompanying infographic “The Anatomy of a Content Marketer.”anatomy-of-a-content-marketer

This is an excellent post that dissects (pun-intended) the crucial characteristics of a successful content marketer. Each trait is thoroughly defined and supported by example actions. The bright and well-planned infographic depicts the high points of the article. In addition to being a visual representation of the article’s content, it is a fantastic example of the content marketing skills he discusses.

As Gerard notes, finding a single individual that embodies all nine of the points he covers may be a bit of a snipe hunt but the article provides a great jumping-off point for further research and action. It may also help you identify the skills that your current team is lacking and determine how those inefficiencies are hindering performance.