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In the past I have written about the importance of building up your personal brand and how the best way to accomplish that is game-of-thronesthrough multiple media channels (in addition to truly being an expert in your field). I have also discussed the importance of storytelling. Applying a transmedia approach is much the same thing.

Transmedia is telling the same story using multiple channels. Consider Game of Thrones, it began as a series of novels and is now a video game saga and one of the most popular shows on television. HBO has done a killer job getting everyone psyched for the each new season, even those who had never heard of the books are talking about the show and anxiously awaiting each new season.

How’d They Do It?

Leading up to Season 1, New York City was plastered in posters that depicted Sean Bean sitting on a dark, metal throne. Almost immediately replicas of the throne started showing up in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Passers-by were invited to take a seat and re-create the poster shot. Next it was free rides in an Iron Throne pedicab at ComicCon in San Diego. Then it was Thrones themed food trucks that offered fare inspired by the five regions of Westeros.

When the second season rolled around, HBO upped the ante by getting celebrity tattoo artist, Ami James to embellish the bodies of fifty die-hard fans with Thrones icons.

What this campaign has done is told the same story again and again but each time it has done it in a new and exciting way that generates enthusiasm and interest.

So what is your story and how can it be re-imagined? It’s important to hit all of the major social media outlets: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook; to try your hand at hosting a podcast and writing a blog. In addition to those avenues, explore a medium that is less comfortable one that will capture an unsuspecting audience. This will generate hype and get everyone looking at the rest of your content to see what all the buzz is about.