Published under: Video, Content Creation, Aerial Video

thumbVideo is the best engagement-building and brand-building medium to date. It's ability to tell a story or deliver a value proposition in an educational, entertaining and engaging manner is unmatched. But as we move through time, we're discovering more and more uses for video beyond increasing the engagement factor. Our new content creation service of aerial video is a great example.

Consider a time stamped, high definition aerial video document of a commercial real estate property. Prior to this aerial video document the only information a Seatle based apartment developer had about this property was either in a spreadsheet or on a map. And while Google Maps delivers mind boggling satellite imagery capabilty, typically the images are many months old and do not have the detail required to make real estate investment decisions.

SQmedia has developed an aerial video product component for Axiometrics' Apartment Pipeline product set. Commercial RE developers and investors purchase the Axio AP product to learn about apartment properties in the planning, permitting and construction stage to more accurately assess the amount of units in a submarket today as well as six months or a year into the future. Providing an optional 'time-stamped' video component of this information enables greater context for the end user.