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Why Being A Snob Can Improve Your Content Creation Services: A Lesson from Dr. Sheldon Cooper

dr-sheldon-cooperSnobs are not well liked.

They’re usually not the nicest of people. They can be intentionally condescending, judgmental and know how to make you feel very small, very quickly.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you why you should become a snob. A content creation snob.

Before you start thinking that I want to convert you into a jerk, let me explain.

You see, not all snobs are equal.

The Big Bang Theory’s socially inept genius, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, is a classic example of a well-meaning snob. Sheldon’s snobbery is in the name of science only. His rude and insensitive quips are not wielded with malice—quite the opposite - his bluntness is strictly from a matter-of-fact point of view. He’s an intellectual, who likes to surround himself with peers that understand and accept him.

So, is being a well-meaning content creation snob a bad thing? Hardly.

You, my friend are a marketer. Yes, you create content that educates, entertains and engages, but what’s the ultimate goal for your content creation services? It’s to make money—more specifically—to maximize your profits.

Not all prospects are going to help you achieve this goal. But that’s okay because you don’t want everyone as a customer—you only want those customers who intuitively understand your company’s value and appreciate what you can do for them, regardless of your prices. Therefore, you should only create content that attracts these types of leads.

Are you getting the best prospects into your sales funnel? If you’re not, then you need to build content creation services that isolate these prospects from everyone else—much like Sheldon wishes to isolate himself from everyone who’s less intelligent than him (which, according to Sheldon, is about 99% of the population).

The following 4 methods will help you to become a content creation snob to benefit your business.

1) Impress Potential Prospects With Top Notch Content: During the awareness phase, it’s your job to school prospects on their problem. You can accomplish this by creating an educational mini video course or an ebook that thoroughly addresses the root of their problem from a unique angle. Use relevant keywords that relate to your target market. Make sure your content is high quality, so prospects only associate your content creation services with quality. People know that quality is usually associated with a higher price tag.

2) Weed Out The Time Wasters: Time wasters are people who are either not interested in buying because they’re too price sensitive or they’re not serious about using your product or services. I like to call them “prospect bunnies,” people who hop into your sales funnel and hop out just as quickly. You know the kind, they only opt-in to get their hands on your free gift and then opt out faster than it takes an M6 Coupe to go from 0 to 60.

Create a series of instant follow ups within your sales funnel to get rid of the time wasters. Make sure the opt out option is very visible within each of these follow ups, so the people that don’t find the value in your content and company can move on as quickly as possible.

3) Only Reward Prospects That Take Action: During the evaluation phase, reserve your best content and lead in with value. During the awareness phase, you baited prospects with excellent content. In this phase, follow up with more of the same, but use this information as a teaser for the pricing phase. An example of this would be to set up an informational webinar. Make sure the presentation is chock full of prime content. At the end of the webinar, let your prospects know that they’ll be privy to even better content once they’ve signed up for a free trial. People who place value over price will instinctively move closer to the sale, while time wasters will immediately jump out of your sales funnel. In place of offering a free trial, you can lead them straight to the sale and offer them a discount for buying that day.

4) Test,Test and Test Some More: A scientist, like Sheldon, constructs a hypothesis and proves or disproves his or her theory through research. After you’ve executed your content creation services, remember to test the results at every stage of your sales funnel. After all, you can only hold your strategy in high regard after you’ve proven its effectiveness.

We can learn a lot about content creation services from Dr. Sheldon. Sometimes, it’s okay to be an ultra selective snob, as long as it helps to generate money for your business in the short and long-term.

Who is your favorite character from The Big Bang Theory and why?