Published under: Thought Leadership

You know that wonderful feeling you get at the end of a great run or the sigh of relief and feeling of pride when you finally finishedbasking-in-the-afterglow
that home project? Taking the time to enjoy those moments is crucial to future success. These small experiences occur naturally in our personal lives but are often overlooked in business.

In our jam-packed schedules and rush to tackle the next big project we forget to step back and appreciate our successes. Thus robbing ourselves of the opportunity to promote our accomplishments and receive praise and feedback.

At home, we quickly steer guests to our newly refinished deck or proudly display our finisher medals. These concrete artifacts of our hard work generate conversation allowing our friends and family to complement our efforts with words of encouragement; whether consciously or unconsciously, we draw on those encounters the next time we are faced with an arduous task.

In business, these moments translate into networking opportunities and may help paint your business in a new light. If you created a new solution for a non-profit, a client may suddenly realize that their sister-in-law who runs a for-profit version of the same business could benefit from a similar application. Additionally, partners and clients discuss your accomplishments and those discussions boost your standing in the industry.

Think about each and every achievement from multiple perspectives and use a variety of mediums to announce your successes; it’s all part of developing your role as a Thought Leader.