Published under: Agency, Content Creation, Persona, Inbound

I hear it all the time, “well, my company is just not that exciting” or “in truth, what we offer is kind of boring.” Businesses understandboring-blues that communicating and building a platform translates into increased revenue but they just can’t seem to think of anything interesting to say. Often these are B2B companies operating in the dry and dusty realm of corporate America…all blue suits and brown loafers.

Your product or service does not have to be exciting; but you have to be EXCITED. There are plenty of aspects to your company that can be discussed in a way that generates enthusiasm, if you are excited about the topic it will shine through and your passion will reach your audience. When the audience feels your passion, they develop confidence in you and your company. Hey, at least if you’re wrong, they know you aren’t going down without a fight.

So let’s say your company makes light switch covers, not the sculptured ones with the wolf howling at the moon, just the kind that you see in the library, bright white and virtually nondescript. Pretty boring, right? So what can you possible discuss that will insight enthusiasm? This is the time to let the light shine on your innovative processes, the way you have streamlined manufacturing so that every light switch cover can now be produced in record time. You can talk about your customers' particular interests based on their persona and the reasons they use your product in the first place.

Any aspect of your business that is exciting to you can be exciting to anyone; it’s all in the presentation, let your excitement become infectious.