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aerial-helicam-sqmediaSQmedia is excited to now provide aerial videography for our clients. Aerial video provides a wealth of new octa-copter-sqmediaand engaging shooting angles, particularly for our commercial real estate clients who are interested in showcasing their properties.

Using RC helicam and aerial drone technology, aerial shots that once required a full-size helicopter are now a reality for much smaller budgets. In fact, many of the shots that are possible with these small aircraft would not be possible with a full size aircraft. Tight shots between buildings and even shots inside larger structures are now a possibility. Here is a short demo reel recently shot by our partner for D Magazine:

SQmedia provides a business development approach to online marketing, and our unique flavor of corporate video production plays a big part in the resulting success our clients enjoy. Providing the most engaging corporate video to augment our ultra-high value, ROI driven marketing is of paramount importance.