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vacation-relaxationImagine if you could sleep in until noon, roll over, press a couple of buttons on your computer and stream a never-ending source of uniquely written, auto-created content?

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The bad news is that the above scenario isn’t possible (yet), so when it comes to creating content, you’re still going to have to put in some effort.

The good news is that this post will teach you 4 semi-lazy ways to create a stream of ideas for your content creation services.

Taking some of the work out of your content creation, means less effort, more time for interacting with your prospects - and best of all more fun!

1) Turn Your Television Watching Into Research: Inspiration often comes from the zaniest of places. Are you addicted to The Walking Dead? Insane about ISIS on FX’s Archer? Since you already spend time watching these shows, why not weave some of these pop culture references into your content creation services? You can even turn these blog posts into a free ebook or tip sheet to give out to your prospects during the awareness phase of your lead nurturing. Your can make your prospects more aware of your company and relate to them on a fun level.

2) Comb Through Your Comments: Turns out comments aren’t just good for interacting with your audience. Did you know that your readers are constantly telling you what they want you to write about? They don’t tell you outright; but they often leave clues in their comments. Go through the blog topics with the most comments. See if you can pick out a pattern of frequently asked questions among the comments. If you can compile a list of these questions, voila, you’ve got relevant topics for your content creation services. You should interact with your readers by regularly answering their comments because if you show that you care enough to respond, your readers will reward you with even more comments. This regular interaction also helps to bond you to your target market. You should also use these questions as valuable keywords that you can use to profile and create personas for current and future prospects.

Tip: If you have you have an overwhelming amount of content from your comments, why not create a Q & A vlog post and skip the written content altogether?

3) Invite Guest Bloggers And Vloggers: Want to know the easiest way to generate ideas for your content creation services? Get someone else to do it! Guest blogging is all the rage these days, and for good reason. No matter how talented you are at generating ideas or spinning angles for your content - every now and then you’ll become mentally stumped, or you’ll realize that you’ve talked about the same topic numerous times. Guest blogging allows your fellow bloggers and vloggers to breathe life into your worn out ideas. Plus, both parties will benefit from a little link love, and who doesn’t dig that?

4) Turn Satisfied Customers Into Stories - Satisfied customers can put money in your pocket over and over again—even if they only buy from you once. Transform your customer testimonials into powerful case studies. Case studies that include statistics and applicable graphics provide a high level of authenticity, which can be extremely persuasive during the evaluation phase.

More importantly, all of these methods double as good customer experience optimization (CXO) practices, as they instill a sense of trustworthiness in your prospects.

When you need to generate ideas for your content creation services, don’t create all the work yourself, use these 4 lazy ideas to keep the ideas flowing.

Do you have a favorite shortcut that you use to generate ideas for your content creation services?