Published under: Predictive Analytics

What if you could read the mind of your next new client? What if you knew when and how to engage days or photo-1436377734980-0ee004df570bweeks in advance? What if you could predict your marketing ROI…and get it right!

In the world of predictive analytics we have just begun to scratch the surface. As companies continue to collect data and our daily lives become increasingly connected, the degree to which we understand and thus are able to predict the behaviors of our ideal clients will only grow.

A natural part of this growth is the emergence of specialized providers; one such company is Swrve, a mobile gaming company. Swrve recently announced that they will combine predictive analytics with mobile messaging to “target key player groups” in their Predictive Marketing for Games offering. The goal of the initiative is to track a player’s behavior throughout the game and to use that information to send specifically targeted messages that encourage the player to complete in-app purchases.

The company relies on tracking data to build comprehensive behavioral profiles and uses this information to anticipate a player’s next action; the process is very similar to building a buyer persona. Through extensive research, predictive marketers build buyer personas and leverage that information to create customized campaigns that feed specific personas exactly what they need in the moment.

Using this directed approach, predictive marketers can calculate the precise number of targeted contacts required to achieve a sale. When coupled with other data points, such as the average dollar value of each sale and the forecasted goal, predictive marketers reverse engineer marketing efforts to ensure an achievable and predictable result.

Many companies are yet to harness the power of predictive marketing; however, those that do so early are likely to see the most substantial gains.