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I recently had an opportunity to sit down with SQmedia’s Web Designer and Messaging guru to talk about the photo-1428959249159-5706303ea703-1criticality of web messaging and its impact on conversions. Tim is passionate about reaching audiences, not just for the sake of building a brand or sharing a message, but for the explicit purpose of converting those targets into buyers.

In our first post from this conversation, we shared Tim’s approach to effective and engaging web messaging. In this installment, we will discuss the importance of creating a buyer persona.

A buyer persona defines your audience at a very granular level. It creates a detailed picture of the audience you want to reach by describing their needs in action. It is more than simply defining how your solution will fit into their existing business. Buyer personas allow you to understand how your targeted audience obtains their goals and to better track their movement through the sales process.

Using this approach to create a web messaging campaign allows you to avoid talking to an anonymous buyer and is effective in both B2C and B2B campaigns. When working on a B2B campaign, it is more effective to target your web message to the specific buyer at the business than to the company as a whole.

Resist the urge to create too many personas. Focus on developing a few buyer personas and using the feedback you receive to further refine your defined audience. Target your message based on online behaviors such as age or social media outlet and use this information to market different features of the same product.

In the final post in this series, we will discuss how to apply disruptive startup strategies to big businesses.

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