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I recently had an opportunity to sit down with SQmedia’s Web Designer and Messaging guru to talk about the photo-1434145175661-472d90344c15criticality of web messaging and its impact on conversions. Tim is passionate about reaching audiences, not just for the sake of building a brand or sharing a message, but for the explicit purpose of converting those targets into buyers.

The next few posts will discuss messaging approach, buyer persona and applying the strategies that Tim learned during his time working with everything from disruptive startups to big businesses.

How to Approach Web Messaging

Here is the situation: 80 to 90% of your site’s visitors will never come back again and roughly the same number will not bother to read past the first page. Tim does not call this a problem; it is a fact. It is extremely difficult to engage people.

Knowing this, you must engage with your viewers using what you know you have…their attention for the first five words on your site. Those first five words will make or break the visit and determine whether or not your visitor continues to read. This strategy is one that should govern all of your web content.

How to Create Engaging, Succinct Web Messaging

  1. Condense your message and all of your information into as few words as possible. If a word is not powerful and does not serve a distinct and definable purpose, get rid of it.
  2. Remember that web writing is different from traditional copy writing. Traditional copy writing was created for linear delivery methods. Audiences digested one commercial or brochure from start to end. Web writing is an interactive story, like those choose-your-own-adventure books we all loved as kids. It is a branching message and CTA needs to be there regardless of the path.
  3. The final goal is conversion; not brand building. If you focus on brand building your message with wonder aimlessly and no one will read it. If you focus on conversion, you are delivering action and expecting action in return.

Creating powerful web messaging is not about throwing all of your coal on to your site; it is about placing a few diamonds front and center.

Stay tuned for the next post on how to use buyer personas to create targeted web messages.

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