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In an informative article produced for Hubspot, Erik Devaney explores the science behind personalized unsplash_52a1c2d7d6f4f_1experiences. In his post, he delves into the two most important reasons that personalized marketing works 1) control 2) information overload.

As Devaney points out, personalized experiences cause the recipient to feel that they are in control of the situation. If you log on to your favorite shopping site and are greeted with deals that match your shopping preferences you immediately feel that you are getting something special, something exclusive. This feeling of exclusivity is akin to being in control of the experience.

Deveney’s second point, information overload, is something we have all dealt with. In an age in which it seems that the answers to every question are a quick Google search away, we have become slaves to data. Personalized experiences reduce the perception of information overload; they make the reader believe that they are only getting what is relevant to them.

Incorporating these strategies into your marketing plan taps into the psyche of your consumers; whether implemented in ecommerce, blog posts or newsletters, personalized information is a service and it engages interest at much higher rates than generic efforts.

Developing a comprehensive picture of your ideal client is key to delivering a personalized experience. It provides you with insight on values, beliefs and pain points and allows for the development of a message that speaks to the specific benefits to be realized and appreciated.

Full persona development is a critical aspect of a successful marketing campaign; allowing you to meet your clients in their world while ushering them into yours.