Published under: Agency, Culture

The kick-off meeting is one of those unique moments when the entire team has the opportunity to embark on vespasomething new. Opportunity and enthusiasm fill the air; the team knows that this is their chance to shine. As the leader of the project you are in the position to capitalize on this feeling.

The temptation to let kick-off meetings become nothing more than the conference room equivalent of a high school pep-rally is great. Everyone is in a good mood; everyone is eager. Why squash this magical feeling?

Instead of acting like the pep-rally leader and pumping up the team to exceed schedule goals while delivering a product that meets all requirements and is under budget; use this opportunity to focus this energy into developing a real plan of action.

Tap into your team’s willingness to discuss the project by asking them to brainstorm on possible pitfalls and solutions. Recruit members to watch the schedule and budget and report to the team if they appear to be heading off course.

This moment, when the idea and team are fresh, is the best time to discuss how the plan of attack can be optimized. It is also the best time to ask the hard questions; don’t wait until the team is waist deep in a problem to brainstorm, they won’t have the energy. Do it now, while the momentum is on the upswing and team is feeling cohesive.