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The case for content marketing is always in debate. Mostly because there is so much of it available and photo-1423882503395-8571951e45ccbecause some businesses find it difficult to quantify the impact it has on their bottom line.

Online content is ubiquitous; as such, the demands placed on it are high. We want to be informed and entertained and we don’t want to have to work for it. Content marketing struggles when the products do not fulfill these basic tenets. As easy as it is to identify these as the classic drivers of great content; it can feel nearly impossible to create content that lives up to these expectations. After all, who among is the next great novelist or investigative reporter?

This is where identifying your audience becomes so crucial; understanding what will resonate with a small subset of a community is much easier than competing for the attention of a behemoth. It is also much easier to measure impact when working within a subset of a community.

Creating well-researched, fully developed personas of your ideal audience allows your company to put themselves directly into the shoes of your clients. You must understand their frustrations and see how they interact with products to gain insight on how to produce content that serves their needs.

Effective content is an essential part of all marketing strategies. Businesses no longer have the option of electing not to feed their audience. Consistently publishing the right content builds your brand’s identity and establishes the leaders of your company as trusted experts within the industry.

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