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Most leaders do not enjoy creating content; these high-powered suits prefer to attend power meetings and fPuLkQNXRUKI6HQ2cMPf_IMG_4761interact with clients. However, these are often the individuals with the best perspective on customer needs. They understand their voice because the hear it: at trade shows, over business dinners and while brokering deals on the golf course. These guys understand what makes the customer tick. In addition to all that great audience knowledge, they know the business and the product better than anyone else which allows them to spin the features and benefits in a variety ways to meet specific needs.

They are already creating great content every time they meet with a client but no one is there to record it. Learning to create evergreen content allows leaders to get their most valuable insights out for public consumption and ensures that the data will continue to provide value long after the initial post.

Evergreen content, by definition, is useful and relevant over a long period of time.  Buffer defines evergreen as:

  •        Definitive; as the writer, you must be the definitive source on the topic
  •        Written for beginners; experts are not searching for help
  •        Narrow; niche-down your topic to make it easier to write and to better entice readers

If you are looking at this list and realizing that you already have a ton of content out there but very little evergreen content; here are some simple strategies for giving legacy content an evergreen makeover:

  •        Edit, refresh, edit again; keep rewriting until the post becomes a source of pride
  •        Republish; be sure to update the time stamp
  •        Promote; share the post on social media and put it on a regular rotation of social media updates

The goal of evergreen content is to continuously satisfy reader’s expectations; to provide them with informative, engaging posts, podcasts and shows that feed their need.

Give them what they want and they are sure to come back for more.

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