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Content and online marketing efforts are growing at an astounding rate making inbound marketing more vital Screen_Shot_2015-01-23_at_11.07.28_AMthan ever. Audiences are on the prowl for answers to their business needs; content marketing initiatives are meeting this demand by creating engaging and actionable content. However, businesses that fail to establish robust inbound infrastructure will miss out on capturing leads and the efforts put into creating that stunning content will be lost.

Hubspot’s State of Inbound Marketing Report shows that 85% of marketers are practicing inbound marketing and 74% plan to maintain or increase inbound budgets. Why? Inbound marketing has demonstrated success and the basis of the model is a measurable ROI. Few marketing tactics can tout these kinds of quantitative, analysis-friendly traits.

Inbound marketing supports all other online marketing initiatives by providing a framework through which efforts can be tracked and optimized. Hubspot’s report found that the highest performers are those that are tracking ROI; in fact, simply tracking ROI increases the likelihood of YoY growth 12 times.

So what are the top performers focused on? When asked, “Getting Found” topped the list and the best companies are doing this through blogging; “marketers who blog are 13x more likely to drive positive ROI.”

Inbound marketing agencies that focus on developing initiatives that generate full, 240-post per year editorial calendars understand the value this kind of content generation promotes. It creates a marketing machine that continues to serve the business for years to come by improving ROI; as Hubspot puts it, this sort of marketing “safeguard(s) your budget against factors beyond your control, like the economy itself.”

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