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In a world where hashtags exists on everything from jumbo-trons to shampoo bottles and companies are photo-1414541944151-2f3ec1cfd87ddemanding that YouTube views reach the ten-thousands in pursuit of some ever-elusive payoff it is too easy to confuse followers with success.

The social media revolution has changed the way we market forever; that much is certain. But in this era where everything can be measured it is crucial that we are measuring the right things; that we aren’t just pursuing a ridiculous number of Facebook friends like some crazy cat-lady.

A lot of marketing is about the numbers; but more importantly it is about what those numbers can do and what they mean to the business. Business success isn’t measured in pluses or thumbs; it’s measured in cash.

Translating social media feeds, followers and fallouts into strategic business moves that peg your success meter at top speed requires a unique understanding of the various ways in which these tools interact with one another and how that interaction impacts your business. Relying on a single channel approach isn’t just dangerous; it’s detrimental.

Progressive agencies tirelessly pursue knowledge in the digital sector and apply this information in every pursuit. They are confident in their abilities to deliver and are willing to stake their own reputation on the outcome. Their strategy isn’t to flood your inbox with useless content; instead it is to produce a presence for their clients that will continue paying dividends long after the initial effort is complete.