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In an article written for TopRank, Lee Odden asked 21 marketers to share their predictions and their selfies. photo-1419064642531-e575728395f2Nearly all of the responses included at least a passing reference to humor and/or humans.

After all, humans buy stuff and we buy more when we are happy, right? The surveyed experts are forecasting that selling will be out and informing will be in. But it won’t be enough just to inform; a truly engaging message will hit both E’s….educate and entertain.

Think of the Dollar Shave Club YouTube video…not only is it hilarious but it tells you everything you need to know about what DSV is offering and why you need it. It’s quick, educational and entertaining. Consumers are watching it more than once and they are telling people about it. What Michael Dubin has done is capture an audience exclusively through social media marketing. He is reaching Millennials by creating a sharable digital asset.

It is important to realize that the same Millennials that are coming into focus for B2C are also rising in the ranks professionally; B2B marketing plans should employ the same tenets of humor and human as B2C.

Using humor is a way of marketing to humans but the “human” aspect also includes measuring behaviors and actions to understand which outlets are the most fruitful. As Tom Webster pointed out, search engines are taking a lot of the credit away from other marketing channels. Consumers may hear about a business or product in any number of ways but their first interaction occurs when they go home and plug what they can remember into a search engine. Creating an opportunity for a consumer to click on an ad that appears on their mobile device while the ad is playing decreases friction and results in a more accurate picture of consumer behavior.

Reaching out to our fellow mankind isn’t just something nice to do during the Holidays; it’s what successful marketers do every day.

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