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When looking to grow a business, it is easy to focus on attracting new customers and lose sight of those that nTr1589kTgyXCOdStCGm_MikaRuusunenhave already joined the club. The danger here is two-fold:

1. Without a strong customer focus, there is a high probability that you will continue to the lose customers long after your growth-spurt ends; leaving you with a deficit.
2. There is no better marketing tool than a satisfied customer. They continue to come back and invest in your product and they bring friends.

When combined with the fact that obtaining a new customer is eight times more expensive than retaining an existing customer, one fact is clear: successful businesses do what it takes to WOW their customers.

Zappos, Inc. is a great example of this philosophy. From the very beginning, they have focused on creating a culture that values customer experience over anything else. They invest the time needed to understand their customers and then act on that information.

In addition to delighting their customers, the corporation as a whole is focused on delighting their employees. They understand that happy employees will joyfully serve their customers. In fact, they are so dedicated to ensuring that new hires have bought-in to the philosophy that they routinely offer $2000 to anyone that is willing to quit during orientation. The premise being that, if the new hire is only there for the money it is better to give it to him early and let him leave then to allow him to slowly poison the entire team.

A culture of WOW is a powerful asset and does more to generate buzz and bring in business than any email campaign could ever accomplish. While other strategies are vital aspects of a healthy business growth plan; creating a culture focused on delight (both internal and external) ensures that the fruits of those efforts grow into forests.

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