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Building a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that drives high-value traffic to your site is no longer a photo-1433650552684-d4004a945d6cgame of numbers and words. The most popular search engines (i.e. Google) are continuously releasing algorithm updates to prevent black hat tactics from decreasing the effectiveness of their engine.

High-quality content is the only way to consistently increase visibility and build a great community that is genuinely interested in what you have to say and, consequently, what you are selling. If you are producing high-quality, high-value content and want to increase your search visibility, here are a few things to consider:

Keyword Determination

The best keywords are not derived from Google’s keyword analytics or by simply asking potential customers to complete surveys that directly ask for their keyword searches. The best keywords come from interviewing your potential customers and listening to the words they use to describe their pain points.

Blogging Schedule

A consistent blogging schedule not only builds anticipation with your current readers and increases ROI, it also lets search engines know that they should check back with your site for new content on a regular basis. puts it like this: “adding or removing entire sections is a more significant update than switching around the order of a few words.”

Linked Keywords

Linking keywords and phrases from your blogs, especially those that contain buyer interviews, to other pages on your site increases the perceived relevance of those words by the search engine. It lets Google know that your keyword is a substantial part of your offering.

Optimizing Site Pages

Include your keywords and phrases in the page URL, title tag, H1, body content and image alt tags. Search engines are still looking in those spots to determine if a page contains content that is relevant to the entered search.

Be sure that all of the great content you are producing is reaching your audience by employing these tactics to increase your site’s visibility to search engines.

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