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Mike Volpe of Hubspot recently spoke at Inbound 2014 on how to build an inbound marketing team. Since then phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpghe has received so much positive feedback that he hosted a webinar on the topic. Companies from all industries want to know what it takes to build a great team. Where should they focus their talent acquisition efforts and after they get those team members how can they ensure that no one disrupts their delicate balance?

The truth is that creating a high-performance team is challenging; maintaining that team for several years is almost impossible. Even if you throw out all of the day-to-day things that can cause the breakup of a team (spouse relocation, retirement, illness) there is still a good chance that you will spend much of your time trying to procure projects that meet the skillsets of your team. But what if you flip this notion on its head? What if you could win the projects you love and then build a team capable of supporting these amazing undertakings?

Companies that are operating under this new way of doing business are realizing amazing benefits. Not only are they producing better work but the resources on the project are engaged and excited. As a result project schedules are efficient and the products are much better.

A hyper-virtual talent model allows businesses take advantage of the best talent for the project without regard to location or long-term involvement. Of course there times when a resource may continue to work with the company for years but it is not a requirement nor is it an expectation. This sort of engagement allows for freer exchange of ideas and breeds an innovative culture.