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As discussed in the previous post, developing a high-quality blog consists of both content and frequency. ZLSw0SXxThSrkXRIiCdT_DSC_0345Readers want fresh, relevant information without a lot of unnecessary jargon or filler.

If you have worked out your content and posting schedule but still aren’t seeing ideal results it may be that your blogs are only being read by casual searchers. So how can you get those readers to frequent your site? Turn them into subscribers.

If a reader subscribes to your blog you are guaranteed to get them thinking about your business at least as often as you post; even if they aren’t taking the time to read every article, they are at least being reminded of your existence when they receive a new post notification in their inbox.

The best way to convert readers into subscribers is to get them involved. Open up your comments section and solicit feedback in your post. Develop a pointed or controversial question and ask your readers to respond in the comments section. Don’t forget to check back often; posted questions and comments allow you the opportunity to interact with your tribe and can provide fuel for future posts.

Second, make it easy for your readers to join the mailing list. Include “Subscribe” buttons at the end of each post and add a check box subscription option to your existing forms. Hubspot reported that adding a “subscribe to our blog” check box to their forms resulted in a 128% increase in blog subscribers. This simple adjustment resulted in substantial gains.

Readers will quickly want to become subscribers if you are providing relevant, engaging content. They will actually follow-through on that desire if subscribing is easy and offers them additional benefits; such as an active and engrossing community.