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Too many marketing strategies are created in a vacuum; devoid of the value that comes from analyzing photo-1415200358018-bb07fced3660-2meaningful metrics, inter-departmental input and a hard look at lessons learned. It is easy to focus on the actions that resulted in great gains; the ones that brought in highly-qualified leads and boosted sales. However, when something doesn’t go as planned it provides an opportunity to gain insight that can be applied to the next endeavor.

Marketing strategies often fail in one or more of three key areas.

1. Inaccurate Data

Maybe your measurements are off or maybe you simply aren’t measuring the right things; or the error could be in how the data is applied. Accurate, meaningful data collection is essential to successful marketing campaigns. With the right data in hand, you can begin to calculate both the cost and value of each lead.

2. Outdated Buyer Personas

If you have checked the box on Create a Buyer Persona it is likely that it is time to re-evaluate. Buyer Personas are not something that you do once; it is an iterative process that requires nurturing and revision as the market, product offerings and business goals change.

3. Boring Content

If no one is reading your blogs and newsletters, including you, it is time to revamp. Your content must be engaging and relevant. Prospective clients have learned to look past clever taglines and demands for action; if you want to grab their attention and hold on to it, your content must provide value by solving problems or provoking thought.

Successful marketing campaigns are measureable; they begin with a goal and the path to achieving the goal is determined through research and thoughtful analysis. If your marketing strategies aren’t pulling in the results you need, step back and analyze your data, personas and content to identify actions you can take to improve the effectivity of your campaigns.

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