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For an industry that seems to have the most to gain by capitalizing on the side effects of the social media/digitaltechnology transformation/endless communication revolution, marketing agencies have, by in large, stuck to their old habits.

They have forced new tools to fit into outdated metrics and ideas regarding the ways in which consumers access information and make buying decisions. As a result, many agencies are finding that each additional aspect that technology adds is just another chance to outsource and the agency itself has been relegated to the role of project management.

Marketing firms that embrace technology have grown with it. Instead of keeping each individual aspect of a campaign operating as distinct parts, separated from one another, they have developed creative teams of content developers, social media experts and IT whiz kids. The engaged marketer has jumped feet first into this world and worked to attain expert level status in the burgeoning worlds of AMS, social media awareness and thought leadership establishment.

These crusaders are ensuring that their team members are working to deliver comprehensive solutions; something that can only be successful when each member of the team is aware of the work of each function. The content developer must understand which platforms the social media mavens are targeting; designers must develop creatives that compliment and elevate the message of the content developer.

The influx of consumer information seems to have overwhelmed some while catapulting others into a new way of thinking. Innovative leaders in marketing understand that they must continue to change and adapt in order to achieve success for their clients and for themselves.