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The technology revolution has created a brave new world for marketers; one in which every action can be eBJIgrh3TCeHf7unLQ5e_sailing-5tracked and measured to determine effectiveness. In this sense, a true ROI model can be attached to all marketing campaigns.

Businesses poised to dominate in the upcoming year are using statistical tools to test and optimize both their websites and advertising campaigns. Digital marketing has become a true science with quantifiable, measureable results. Capturing this information and applying it in a way that stimulates growth in your business requires the input of a highly-skilled and experienced team; one that is creative, technical and analytical in addition to having a pulse on the key trends and forces drive innovation in your industry.

Creativity has always been a substantial part of a great marketing team. The ability to think outside the box and develop engaging and viral campaigns was once the defining characteristic of the best marketing agencies. While creativity still has its place, technical savvy has now joined the ranks.

The most beautiful, hilarious, thought-provoking campaigns are nothing without an audience. Gaining that audience in a digital world requires knowledge of social media networks, SEO and many other lead-generating actions. Marketing firms that lack a firm grasp on tech operate with a clear disadvantage.

As stated early, we are operating in a world in which everything can be measured. But capturing the information is only half the battle. Analyzing the data and applying the results to create responsive campaigns that build thought leadership status and guarantee profitable ROI models allows businesses to understand what lies ahead and adapt to meet demands.

Marketers that pose the triple threat of creativity and technical savvy in combination with fierce analysis skills provide clients with a distinct advantage.

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