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You have heard the adage “Content is King” over and over again; but what does it really mean? Pumping outScreen_Shot_2015-01-15_at_9.41.23_AM pages and pages of words without value is not the answer. Developing engaging, educational, professionally curated content builds trust, promotes brand awareness and develops a positive reputation for your business.

The first step in this process is to develop a robust and strategic content plan. Industry giants are realizing the importance of this approach and are developing their own plans for gaining market share through content engagement and development. The Coca-Cola Company® recently released a two part YouTube video that outlines their Content 2020 strategy.

There are a couple of amazing things to note about this release: first, the significant importance Coca-Cola is placing on storytelling as means of engaging with their customers and developing their base. A substantial part of their plan is to use their customer’s stories as both a catalyst for new content and as a means of flowing their message throughout the masses.

Taking a collaborative approach to content creation, with story-telling at its core, and relying on the consumer to develop a significant portion of this content is genius. Not only will there be loads of amazing content but it will be content that blows the “create in the voice of the customer” rule out of the water by actually being the voice of the customer.

The strategic part comes into play as the team works to link all of this marvelous content into a cohesive message across many, many channels; ensuring that the message is not simply regurgitated but instead, is strategically curated to meet the needs of the platform and the audience.

The second noteworthy aspect of this release is the transparency that it promotes. This is something that we will cover as part of the Authenticity posts this month so be sure to look for it.

What do you think about Coca-Cola’s Content 2020 plan? Are there aspects that you will be applying to your strategic marketing plans? I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section.

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